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Find Your Piano’s Age & History. Piano serial numbers identify the (1) age of your piano, the (2) piano's year of manufacture, as well as (3) the circumstances surrounding the production of your piano, including factory history, manufacturing processes, and company ownership and oversight. It is not unusual, however, for these serial numbers to have been removed, for example, if the soundboard was refinished. If you cannot locate the serial number here, but you locate a 4- or 3-digit number elsewhere on a piano of this era (typically hidden from view), this is .

In 1958, 5 years before I became so heavily involved with pianos, N.E. Michel published the first "Piano Atlas" of serial numbers: This work was a tremendous achievement, listing thousands of American and other names, but it’s a bit like train-spotting, many entries say no more than can be found written on the piano anyway, and quite apart. Our purpose at the Antique Piano Shop is to create awareness and promote preservation of antique pianos and related instruments. Through our Gallery and Online Museum, we offer an unprecedented resource on the topic, furthering interest in restoration and preservation.

Collectible Tube Radios (1930-1949) Before television, the most common way to be entertained in the home was through the radio. Many vintage and antique radio models made between 19are highly collectible, including brands such as RCA, Philco, Westinghouse, and Zenith. For over 10 years Living Pianos has been offering a wide selection of top-tier new and used pianos for sale. With an inventory of classic American and European pianos as well as late model and new Asian pianos, Living Pianos has the piano you’re looking for.

Want to find some information on your unit? In the search box below, enter a unit serial number and find it! Please note that lookup by Sales Order and Purchase Order currently only applies to products produced 2014 and earlier. What do stamped numbers mean on antique furniture? I have an end table with "1863" stamped in white under the shelf, and a three drawer dressed stamped with "1700" in black on the back. Thanks to anyone that has information about this.

The Baldwin Piano Company is an American piano brand. It was once the largest US-based manufacturer of keyboard instruments and known by the slogan, "America's Favorite Piano". It ceased most domestic production in December 2008, moving it's total production to China.Founder: Dwight Hamilton Baldwin.