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Soccer player Corey goes in for a physical exam. A Guest brings a naughty school girl to meet Dr Love! Doctor takes advantage of Oakley. Petite Asian physician treats blue balls. Cora, a young post-op trans woman, visits the Doctor. and other exciting erotic at! May 08, 2012 · Irregular Checkup I arrived at the doctor's office about ten minutes early. My wife is always kidding me about for habitually being early to everything. Of course, all doctor's offices run at least fifteen minutes late just on principal, so I sat in the uncomfortable waiting room seat for about twenty-five minutes.4.8/5(82).

Doctor's Visit Date: 4/20/2016, Categories: Fiction, Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Older Male / Female, Written by women, Author: jadejones, Rating: 95, Source: I needed to see my regular doctor for a physical exam and my annual pelvic exam. When I went to make the appointment with his office, they told me I had an outstanding balance of $800. Am I the only 22 year old who hates to go to the doctor? Last month I had a miserable cold. It just wouldn't go away. Finally I decided to go to a doctor just to get some pills. So I call the HMO that I belong to through my company. I arrive feeling nervous and edgy.

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Story of how a male Specialist (Doctor) actually got me naked and played with me, while looking for the problem Read Doctor's Office: True Story, free Gay Stories at 27 Stories About Going To The Doctor That Will Leave You Breathless And Totally Embarrassed.

Married dad goes to doctor for vasectomy. The day's first patient. The doctor returns to give his patient another physical. A physical therapist is dominated by his twink patient. Michael learns the roots of his desires for his son. and other exciting erotic at! "How's your sex life," he asked nonchalantly? Well, that's why I'm here," I replied. "My wife seems to want to have sex more often than I do, and I have trouble getting and maintaining a strong erection. It's kind of embarrassing when I can't finish as strong as I used to." "Your problem is .