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It's time to get to the bottom of this and find out the truth about penis size. There is place for only one truth. My goal was to end the controversy and give a definite report on whether penis size matters to women or not. It resulted in the free online document: The End of the Penis Size Debate - What Women Know and Men Don't. Sep 02, 2015 · To see how real life women feel about penis size, Bustle asked some to share their thoughts on the size debate. Completely honest, with even a few names changed to keep anonymity intact, here’s what 25 women had to say about penis size. 1. Colleen, 31Author: Amanda Chatel.

Mar 03, 2016 · Donald Trump assured American voters Thursday night that despite what Marco Rubio had suggested, there was "no problem" with the size of his hands -- or anything else. The Penis Size preference Chart is a graph showing virtually all the possible combinations of penis length and penis girth in ¼ inch intervals. For each combination it lists the matching grade of women's preference (A to E), stating its ability to satisfy the average woman. To use the chart just locate your penis length and circumference.

Jun 13, 2008 · This image charts women's penis-size preference on a technical scale from "ideal" to "not satisfying." If you feel strongly about this topic, you can also participate in the vast penis-size debate forum. Share On facebook Share. Share On vk Share. Share On . “I prefer circumcised penises. (Although any penis is a good penis.)” — username5544. 17. I just want someone confident with his penis “A penis is a penis. To be blunt, I don’t care what was done to it (outside of STIs), I care that my partner is enthusiastic, willing, and unashamed of his manbits.” — redpandabear. 18.

Mar 04, 2016 · The Presidential Penis: A Short History Donald Trump’s claim during the Republican debate in Detroit that he was amply endowed might have shocked many, but it belongs to a venerable history. Structurally, the president occupies the same position in American politics as kings and queens do in monarchies. “His erect penis is about. Its easier to assume black men have a bigger penis when there are even phrases like 'big black cock' around but when I white guy has a 8-9 inch penis hes just got a 'big dick' theres no 'big white cock' or any other race related phrases, so its easy to reinforce stereotypes by the language we used.

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