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Today's Comic from Frank and Ernest Read Now. Comics Read Frank and Ernest from the Beginning. Updated Today. You Might Also Like Pearls Before Swine Stephan Pastis. More from Frank and Ernest. Explore Frank and Ernest. Frank and Ernest is an American comic strip created and illustrated by Bob Thaves and later Tom Thaves. It debuted on November 6, 1972, and has since been published daily in over 1,200 newspapers. The humor of the comic is based almost exclusively on wordplay and puns.. Regardless of the topic, everything related to the topic (background and phrases) is shown in a single frame in the daily strips.Author(s): Bob Thaves, Tom Thaves.

Frank and Ernest, created by Bob Thaves, chronicles the antics of two "everyman" characters who are anything but ordinary! They appear in different settings, time periods - even manifest as things and creatures other than people. The variety in the strip extends to their observations about a wide. The Store is Always Open! No robots are harmed in the making of our products! Shop here for merchandise!

See 's animated and interactive comic strips! Search Us! Access 10,000 cartoons to find Reprint Frank and Ernest Make your points frankly and earnestly! Add cartoons to your articles. Frank and Ernest by Bob/Tom Thaves; comic strips, charge, comic strip, crime, criminal, Ernest, Frank, grand, lottery, lotto, lotto ticket, police, policeman, robbery.

Frank and Ernest by Bob/Tom Thaves; comic strips, accomplishment, Acme, apex, banquet, comic strip, Ernest, field, Frank, guest, honor, man, pinnacle, recognition. Frank and Ernest is a newspaper comic featuring the title characters in gag-a-day humor that takes them over space and time, and through random occupations (from a baseline of bums), when not featuring bit parts by Fractured Fairy Tale characters, or Mother Goose characters, or the planets, or numerals. Prone to Medium Awareness and Incredibly Lame Puns.

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