Yes, Rush Limbaugh Is A Jerk - why is rush limbaugh such an asshole


why is rush limbaugh such an asshole -

Rush Limbaugh is an Asshole What the hell is wrong with Rush Limbaugh. On national radio he called Sandra Fluke, a law student, a “slut and a prostitute” because she testified before Congress in support of contraception funding as part of health care insurance.Author: Bud Headman. Op/Ed: How Does Anyone Take This Hate Mongerer Seriously? Why Is Rush Limbaugh The Biggest Asshole In America? The Poster Boy For Propaganda Displays Signs of Mental Instability All The Hallmark Signs of An Unstable Drug Addict; Too Fried From Oxycontin? NewsFocus Op/Ed, by Tim Watts 100609. One has to openly wonder why some people still listen.

Dec 16, 2002 · Did Rush Limbaugh Avoid the Draft Due to an Anal Cyst? "Anyone who has listened to Limbaugh's program can imagine the dripping scorn he would bring to . Mar 02, 2012 · Yes, Rush Limbaugh Is A Jerk Many on the right seem unwilling to condemn clearly offensive remarks by Rush Limbaugh. Doug Mataconis · Friday, March 2, 2012 · 196 comments.

Rush Limbaugh Has No Asshole; Let's Rip Him A New One. 976 likes. I'm a fat conservative butthead with a face of a horse's ass/I'm an evil rotten Followers: 940. Rush Limbaugh III, El Rushbo, Mount Rushmore, Santa Rush or Jabba the Rush is a sweaty, wrinkled mass of neoconservativism and hate that wobbles about the human spectrum desperately searching for the first born children of liberals to feast upon.