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The language is spoken by more than 200 million people worldwide, for instance in some parts of Switzerland and many African countries. Furthermore, research has shown that French speakers earn about $77,000 extra throughout their careers than people who do not speak a foreign language.Author: Rick Noack. Language immersion is the key to learning a foreign language. FluentU brings language learning to life through language immersion with real-world videos.

I speak 17 languages and have been learning languages for 55 years. There has never been a system as powerful as LingQ for learning languages. Compelling content has always been the key to my language learning. However, it took me 45 years to learn 9 languages the old way, but only 10 years to learn 7 more on LingQ. Assamese (/ ˌ æ s ə ˈ m iː z /), (Assamese pronunciation:), (also Asamiya) is an Eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in the Indian state of Assam, where it is an official language.It is the easternmost Indo-European language, spoken by over 15 million speakers, and serves as a lingua franca in the region.. Nefamese is an Assamese-based pidgin used in Arunachal Pradesh and Nagamese Language family: Indo-European, Indo .

Talking to your child about culture Living between two cultures – a ‘British’ way of life and the culture your parents or grandparents grew up with, can be a rich and fulfilling experience – but there can also be conflicts and challenges. While I do not agree that such comparison was synthesis, I modified the report to respect that view. Many of the reversions were executed without explanation, one reversion was accompanied by a threat, and one reversion wiped out contributions of another Wikipedian as well as style corrections by myself.