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Hypospadias repair surgery in adults- Differences from surgery in children: Longer healing time than children: Tin expert hands, overall success rates of hypospadias treatment and surgery in adults remain good and comparable to hypospadias repair in children, the healing of penis takes longer. Though one can start passing urine normally in 2-3 weeks, it may take upto 2-3 months for the penis . Hypospadias repair refers to a group of surgical approaches used to correct or reconstruct parts of the external genitalia and urinary tract related to a displaced meatus, or opening of the urethra. The urethra is the passageway that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body.

Adult hypospadias repair by Dr Djinovic can put it right. No hypospadias treatment as a child increases risk of risk of severe stricture disease as an adult as well as the chronic and progressive Balinitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO) which causes hardening and inflammation of the foreskin and glans. Adult Hypospadias Patients. Unlike some surgeons, we advocate correcting the penis to appear normal, rather than leaving the urinary opening below the head of the penis. We do not recommend chronic dilations. Urethral strictures are very uncommon after TIP repair and 2-stage graft repairs in our hands.

Hypospadias Repair Hypospadias is a condition present at birth in which the opening of the urethra is located somewhere along the underside of the penis and not the tip; complications of repairs for hypospadias are discussed. Hypospadias Repair At the onset of the repair, the foreskin may not be removed because this may aid in the repair or surgery, so children with hypospadias is not circumcised. It is mentioned that only surgery is the answer to this problem and there are several reasons why surgery should be performed.