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adult keep a diary - Why You Should Keep a Journal (and How to Start Yours)

Once you've decided to keep a journal, your next decision is the medium to use for it. You have plenty of options, and what works for one person won't work for another. You have to choose the one Author: Alan Henry. Aug 03, 2015 · Keeping a diary, or journaling (as we refer to it post-puberty), can feel like the territory of pimply, hormonal teenagers crazed with fantasies about their first crush or grappling with their own quest for self-identity. Believe it or not though, some of the world’s greatest leaders were and are.

Jan 19, 2006 · How to Keep a Diary and Stick to It. Keeping a diary or journal is a great way to express your emotions on paper and treasure experiences. Years from now, you'll wonder what you were doing years ago. A diary will remind you of the good - 86%(251). Why I will always keep a sex journal (and you should, too!) I can’t imagine a stage in my life where I won’t keep a sex journal, and hopefully soon, neither will you. Why I will always Author: From Our Readers.

Feb 15, 2015 · A fantastic tool on your journey toward being a better lover is to record your thoughts and fantasies in your own sex journal. Maybe committing your dark-and-nasties to print seems a little too Anaïs Nin for you. Trust me, keeping a log of your innermost feelings about your unique sexuality will 1.8/5(1). Jan 19, 2014 · Ten reasons why you should start keeping a diary. 29. by: JoR. In the past, many people regularly kept personal diaries, where they recorded the day’s events and their observations. Without diarists like Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys, we wouldn’t know much about the personal side of our history. Right now, i don't keep a diary anymore, i Reviews: 29.